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Transport relations between Slovakia and Hungary app

This application represents transport relations between Slovakia and Hungary within the project TransHUSK and Transhusk Plus (www.transhusk.eu). It displays routing and commuting of inhabitants in the Slovakia-Hungarian border area. Data on the travel behavior of inhabitants in the region focusing on cross-border traffic were acquired through: • Transport-Sociological Household Surveys (TransHUSK – year 2013 and Transhusk Plus – year 2014) and • Directional Traffic Survey on Selected Border Crossings (TransHUSK – year 2013). Transport-Sociological Household Survey (Mobility Survey) was a questionnaire survey that captured a predetermined sample population and described transport habits of the population, depending on their socio-economic status. The surveys were conducted in Slovakia as well as in Hungary in the end of the 2013 and in the end of the 2014.

The goal of the Directional Traffic Survey on Border Crossings was to identify the intensity and the direction of the cross-border individual mobility between Slovakia and Hungary. The survey was realized on 8th and 13th October 2013 at the following crossing points:
• Medveďov - Vámosszabadi (western part)
• Komárno - Komárom (western part)
• Štúrovo - Esztergom (western part)
• Milhosť - Tornyosnémeti (eastern part)

App is available on the following link: